US Army Mascot Mules





When I heard the

Army Mascot Mules live

at a Stables on West Point,

I made a bee-line

for their barn!


How could I resist visiting?





It was after hours when I pulled into the driveway of West Point's Veterinary Treatment Facility

which is home to the US Army Mascot Mules.


wptmule476.JPG    wptmule464.JPG 


The Vet Building and Mule Stables are one in the same -- with a paddock extending off the building for turnout.

Normally, I don't mind bee-bopping around a military stables without express permission,

in this case -- there was no way I was going to cross the line on my own.

I'd have way too much explaining to do and my husband would be less than pleased

if I called him from the brig at West Point!



 Besides, the barn door was locked. :)   

I held my camera up to the closed window and clicked.

The above photo (shot thru the glass) was the result.

It's enough for us Horse Lovers to see that the Mules have a nice orderly and clean barn!!


Around the bend, I found the mules.
At the time, I didn't know their names.
I have since learned that the smaller mule (to the left) is Ranger II (aka George),
the sorrel with the star behind him is Raider,
and the large mule to the right is Scotty.

     wptmule458.JPG       wptmule459.JPG


They were munching happily on their evening hay when I appeared.

From the get-go, the largest mule (Scotty, above right) was very interested in me.

In fact, he interrupted his dinner to come over to the rail and give me a sniff check.

I'm betting the Army mule has been a little brainwashed Smile about Navy and Air Force,

and I think he just wanted to check out my 'stink' for himself!

Remember, I have a Navy dad and an Air Force husband.


wptmule470.JPG    wptmule471.JPG


He was very patient with me and posed for a bunch of photos.

My goal was to get the perfect picture of him with the Army trailer in the background.

He kept his ears up and a bright eye -- I was "a friendly" -- Navy and Air Force 'stink' or not.


wptmule472.JPG   wptmule473.JPG


I was contorted as I was taking the pictures -- which may have increased his interest in me.

All the shots were taken through the rails of the fence line.

It wasn't easy, but he was cooperative -- he was taking one for the team

-- doing his best for the sake of the Joint Forces.




As I snapped, what would turn out to be my final photo,

I took a misstep, tripped, landed on my butt,

and may or may not have said a cuss word.


The mule was having no more of this.

Maybe I was "a Bogey" afterall.

He gave a small snort, did a little spin, and jogged back to his friends.

    I'm sure he heard "I told you so!" from Ranger and Raider as he rejoined them.






West Point Stables


Morgan Farm!





The story on my visit with the Army Mules is meant to cause a chuckle.

I mean no disrespect to Army, Navy, or Air Force -- as I have the utmost respect

for all who serve or who have served in every branch of the Armed Forces!


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