Fort Irwin

Offers Boarding for Privately Owned Horses
Sorry, no rental horses


High Desert Equestrian Club

Fort Irwin, California
P.O. Box 10684
Fort Irwin, CA 92310


English, Western, Gymkhana, Trails
Private and Group Turnouts Available
28 Stalls with Shelters
3 Rounds Pens
2 Groomed Outdoor Arenas, 1 with Stadium lights
Wash Rock
Feed and Hay Sheds

Tack Room

Picnic Area for Club Members

Quarantine Pen
Parking for Horse Trailers


Available to Active Duty Military Personnel, Retirees, & DoD Civilians or NAF Employees, Guard and Reserve, Foreign Personnel, and DoD Contract Employees working full time on installation.
Regular Work Days for Stables Maintenance and Improvement 
Purchase your own Grain, Hay, and Bedding 
Horse Owner must clean own stall and feed own horse

Deposit Fee: $100.00 (Refundable) 

Boarding: $50.00 for large stall / per month

               $40.00 for small stall / per month 

Late payment fee: $30.00

Returned check fee: $50.00

Failure to drag manure field fee: $40.00


Full membership is automatic with the boarding of horses at HDEC

Associate membership fee is $45.00



Quarantine – All horses must enter quarantine for 10 days.  Horses must have required vaccinations before entering quarantine. Minimum required immunixation include Rabies, Eastern and Western Encephalomyelitis, West Nile Virus, Influenza, Phinopneumonitis, and Tetnus. HDEC requires proof of Negative Coggins Test within the last (6) months prior to arrival. Horse may not be unloaded until either Stable Officer or Herd Health Officer approves the Coggins and Health Records.  

Incoming mounts must be wormed under the direct supervision of either the Stable Officer or the Herd Health Officer immediately after unloading.

Please contact the Stable Officer or the Herd Health Officer as soon as possible to insure quarantine stalls are available and to be added to the wait list if necessary.       



Operated by:  Private Organization



HDEC President: Justin Heathman  509-868-1917


HDEC Stable Officer: Christina Heathman  509-599-5989     


Secretary: Rochelle Nunley  208-449-3940


Herd Health Officer: Darcy Moore  206-795-2749


 Treasurer: Holley Broster   480-684-0024




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It is not guaranteed to be 100 % correct. All policies and information are always subject to change!
Please contact the facility directly to confirm specifics