The history of writing “More Than a Feeling” from “Boston”


This track nowadays can be heard in many soundtracks for movies, and not only retro or old ones. The great band created many songs and influenced the musical production around the world. They mixed rock and pop, and disco. 

The history of recording “More Than a Feeling”

The band was born when the frontman already had many demos of future hits. When he was entering the music business, Scholz tried not to change his creative principles. Accustomed to working in peace and quiet, he decided with the manager that he would write an album in his own basement (with the exception of drums and vocals). Thereby, there was a situation, when he provided demos for the tracks for the second time, with the same sound and arrangement. During the recording of the album, he made everything again alone and on the same equipment. Listen to music on to feel the energy of old and new tracks.

As a result, the debut album “Boston” became a kind of “The Best” for the frontman. It almost entirely consisted of old proven songs that were created over the years. The long building of the material has borne the perfect result. The album was released in 1976 and became a hit. The album was sold in the amount of 17 million copies and was considered the highest grossing debut album in the United States – until the release of the first album of Guns N’ Roses. With their album, BOSTON proved that in the era of disco and punk traditional rock remains in demand as before. Subsequently, this style had many followers, like Def Leppard or Bon Jovi.