NAS Oceana Stables





This 125 acre Full Service Equestrian Facility is located in Virginia Beach,

on Oceana Blvd, near Oceana's Main Gate.


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Riding Lessons, Trail Rides, Pony Rides, Petting Farm, Hay Rides, Leasing, Tack Shop, and More!!

Full Service, Stall Boarding, or Pasture Boarding for Privately Owned Horses!


Please note that the Tack Shop at Oceana is now closed; it closed about a year after my visit.


Nick serves on the

Stables Advisory Council

and volunteered to show me around!

for taking the time
to share Oceana Stables
with me!

Dorian enjoys a good scratch!
Nick has owned the 17 year old
Thoroughbred gelding for 15 years!!

I was chomping (excuse me, "champing") at the bit when I pulled onto the grounds of Oceana's Stables!

It has been over 25 years since I've visited this stable and it was immediately evident that big changes have taken place!


ocsoffice.JPG  ocsmainbldg.JPG   ocsmainbldgside.JPG


The Main Office has a laid-back 'Beachy Barn' feel to it.  Inside, I found a crisp, clean interior housing the Check-in Area, a spiffy Tack Shop, Restrooms (the Ladies Room even has a shower!), and Management's Office.


   ocstackstore1.JPG    ocscheckin.JPG   ocstackstore2.JPG

I caught a glimpse of the barns, the arenas, the outdoor picnic pavilion,
and some of the government owned horses when I took a stroll on the wrap around porch.


 ocsmainarena.JPG   ocspetzoobarn.JPG   ocscc2556.JPG


Amenities include Two Outdoor Arenas, One Indoor Arena, Tons of Pasture Space, a Round Pen,

Cross Country Fences, Several Barns (two of them are NEW), a Petting Farm, and more!!


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   Riding Lessons / Trail Rides

Leasing / Pony Rides / Hay Rides

Petting Zoo / and more!!


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Click Here for Boarding ON Oceana


Full Service Barn
Stall Boarding / Partial Service
Pasture Boarding


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NAS Oceana Stables

Operated by: MWR


Oceana Stables Manager
Phone (757) 433-3255

 Website: n/a


English, Western, Dressage, Jumping, Gymkhana, Trails

A variety of Barns / Stalls 

3 Arenas / 2 Outdoor and 1 Indoor

Cross Country Fences
Pastures (Mares and Gelding Separated)
Turnout Paddocks
Tack and Feed Lockers

Wash Racks

Farrier Areas
Quarantine Pen
Parking for Horse Trailers

Patio Area for Parties / Gatherings

Trail Rides / Pony Rides / Hay Rides
Lessons / Camps / Parties
Petting Zoo


Available to Active Duty Military Personnel and Retirees
Expect to be placed on a Waiting List 

Full Care Board
Stall Board
Pasture Board

Full Care Board: $406 per month
Stall Board: $263 per month
Pasture Board: $144 per month
Blanketing Fees: $45 per month
Deposit: $50
Trail Rides / Open Rides: $20 per hour (military members) / $25 for non military (must have military sponsor)

Prices are subject to change -- call or email Oceana Stables directly in order to confirm prices

Contact Oceana Stables directly 


The information on this website is meant to assist and we are providing it to the best of our ability. 
It is not guaranteed to be 100 % correct. All policies and information are always subject to change!
Please contact the facility directly to confirm specifics